The collective Monograph "The Sustainable development of industrial region: social aspects" was published. The Editorial board of scientifically-practical journal "Economy of Industry" suggests readers to familiarise with its maintenance.

The Sustainable development of Industrial Region: social aspects: monograph / O.F.Novikova, A.I.Amosha, V.P.Antonjuk and other. NAS of Ukraine, The Institute of the Economy of Industry. - Donetsk, 2012. - 534 p.

In the monography principles of provision of a sustainable development of Ukraine and its industrial regions in a context of social and human development were specified. The system of an estimation of risks of resource provision of a sustainable development was developed.Influence of a social capital on sustainable development forming was opened. The interrelation and interdependence human and a sustainable development were specified. The theoretical model of interrelation of human development, accumulating of the human capital and increase of competitiveness of industrial region was resulted. Mechanisms of activization of participation of the population in provision of a sustainable development of industrial region were opened.

For specialists of the state and regional administration, scientific, teachers, industrialists, teachers, post-graduate students, students.

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